Organization Profile

phpexamCorporation juridical person”Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP” was established aiming to promote PHP for the Engineers and to examine it in a Japanese original testing ranges. We are running PHP qualifying examination with the support of special sponsor company,O’Reilly Japan, Inc. and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. and NTT Communications. We have partnered with over 10 school.

The following is the general outline of our qualifying examination and organization.

Organization Profile
Organization name: Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP
Date of the establishment:1st, Feb,2011
The purpose of organization:Management and running of PHP engineer qualifying examination.
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About Examination
The name of examination: PHP Engineer qualifying examination
The purpose of examination:
-To promote PHP for the Engineers
-To examine it in a Japanese original testing ranges
Number of examination site: Over 100 in Japan
Examination schedule: All year round
Number of examinee: Over 1,000 in two years, starting
Language type: Japanese
*We’re now planning the start of the test of English.

Management Team

Chairman / CEO
Tadashi Yoshimasa
Tadashi Yoshimasa has over 20 years, experience in software and education business launching and V-Shaped Turnaround. Strong visionary leadership and sales and marketing skills. Tadashi Yoshimasalaunched thefamousmany businesses,the resultshave beenpublished in thenewsarticlea lot.He has aseriesoftenalwaysin the newsmedia.

Yoshimasa Sousei Co., Ltd. CEO
Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP CEO.
Business OSS Consortium Japan CEO
Rails Programmer Certification Test Steering Committee CEO

Vice Chairman
Atsushi NAGAHARA is a founder of OpenSource-WorkShop Co.,Ltd.Mr Nagahara is also the president of a programmer that specializes in opensource CMS.

OpenSource-WorkShop Co.,Ltd. President.
(NPO)CommonsNet director.
OSS Consortium director.
PHP Engineer Recognition Agency director and COO.

Michiaki Furusho
Michiaki Furusho is active duty of engineers, is a lecturer of the professional school.

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Hitoshi Sugimoto, CIO
Associate professor, Shizuoka Univ.
OSS Consortium director.
Leader, CMS workshop, OSS Consortium
PHP Engineer Recognition Agency director and CIO.

Masahiro Takagi
Writer of PHP technological book of O’Reilly Japan


Tomoya Hokari
TOMOYA HOKARI has experience in sales, direction, and marketing of server operation and website construction at an IT company. TOMOYA HOKARI provides sales support to partner companies in a global company. Currently writing several columns on OSS, corporate network environment and security.


Masahiro Tanaka
Masahiro Tanaka is a founder & CEO of Asial Corporation, Tokyo-based software developmentcompany focusing on PHP and open-source solutions. Also known as a HTML5expert and product manager ofMonaca, there are many books and magazine articles Masahiro has authored.

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